Pulse Automation

.....Feel The Pulse.....


Main Features of Pulse Data Logger

  • 4-Channel Analog Inputs (4-20mA)
  • Operates with any 12VDC to 24VDC Power Supply. Commonly used in Industries.
  • High Accuracy ADC for data conversation.
  • Minium Log Time Interval is 1 Sec.
  • Very Accurate data log interval timing with RTC.
  • Data Logging with Date and Time Stamp on Micro SD Card in CSV file format. This can be easily open with any EXCEL program.
  • Green Color Back Lit LCD Display for Channel Value Display.
  • Green Color Back lit LCD Display with four rows. First row for A and B Channel Data Display. Second row for C and D Channel Data Display. Third row for Date and Time Display. Fourth row for No. of data logged in current file.
  • RTC Based Real Time Clock to provide accurate timing even after power failure.
  • Logs data on to Micro SD Card similar to used in our cell phone. So not required costly compact flash card.
  • Creates files automatically after 30000 data logs in single file with real date time format.
  • Scaling of Analog Inputs, Log time Interval Setting and Date/ Time Change options available through SD Card using simple txt formatted files. So not required to move to PC for all these actions every time.
  • 2 GB Micro SD Card supports up to 1 and ½ years data logging at data log time set to 1 sec. At higher interval you can log years of data on single Micro SD Card.

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