Pulse Automation

.....Feel The Pulse.....


Main Features:

  1. Remote Monitoring and Control of Equipment using your Mobile phone SMS Service.
  2. 6-Optically Isolated Digital Inputs (24 VDC ). Get SMS Alert on Mobile phone on Particular Input HIGH Event. SMS Messages for Inputs can be set as per your requirements. Message settings through SMS commands.
  3. 4-Potential Free Relay Outputs. Turn ON / OFF any relay from your Mobile phone by Sending SMS to Controller. Relay ON / OFF Confirmation SMS after Relay Turn ON or OFF.
  4. 6-Analog Inputs (0-5Vdc). Send SMS to controller to know the Real Time Value of particular Analog Input Channel.  Controller will send back you SMS with Particular Channel Value to your mobile.
  5. Six Users Mobile Numbers can be stored in to the SIM card. Only these stored Mobile Numbers will be Authorised to Operate GSM SMS IO Controller.
  6. We can provide the Weatherproof Enclosure for GSM SMS IO Controller.
  7. Pls. Contact us for your Customization Solution.

Main Application Areas:

  1. Remote Monitoring & Control of Process / Machinery in Industries.
  2. Fire / Smoke / GAS Leakage Alert & Control.
  3. Overhead Liquid Level Monitoring & Control.
  4. Boiler / Compressor Pressure & Temperature Monitoring.
  5. Cold Storage Temperature & Humidity Monitoring.
  6. Laboratory Temperature & Humidity Monitoring.
  7. Home Security Monitoring.
  8. Electrical & Electronics Appliances Remote Control & Monitoring.
  9. Remote Monitoring and Control of PLC control Panel.

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